Keynote Speakers

These informal, discussions about Art and current issues in the art market take place approximately bi-monthly or as ethical issues arise. One of the Gallery Artists, Collectors or Mentors facilitates the discussion. Generally about 15-40 individuals from a variety of disciplines attend. Depending on the topic, we invite people with relevant expertise and experience and informed opinions to join us, and share what they are pationate about.  We gladly post these Keynote Discussions on our Youtube Channel. ART ELEVATED. 

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Gallery Artist Kristin Llamas TedTalk




This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. AK Lamas works with the TEDxNashville Salon theme of CREO in their most recent series The Amaranths: Tactical Flowers, they take on global concern through the repetitive use of vibrant pink flowers (called amaranths). Through these man­made flowers, we provide education and awareness of a new epoch in the earth’s time scale called the anthropocene. The anthropocene is an informal term currently used by geologists and philosophers that represents the idea that we have entered a new epoch in Earth’s geological history, one characterized by the arrival of the human species as a geological force. The IUGS has convened a group of scholars to decide by 2016 whether to officially declare that the Holocene is over and the Anthropocene has begun. Projects include: Installations at the Nashville International Airport, The YOUnite Tour, Amaranths: Tactical Flowers, The Socratic Dialogues at the Parthenon Museum and the #NashvilleSelfie installation with the Tennessee State Museum (Nashville’s largest 3D street art installation).